Team-GPT for 10 members/month


$20.00 billed every month

Team·GPT is a powerful collaboration tool that enables ChatGPT users to collaborate on threads and prompts, get charged only for their usage, and share their best conversations with external people.

Core features:

  • Group Chats: Collaborate in real-time with ChatGPT and team members for dynamic and engaging conversations.

  • Shared Prompts Library: Access and manage a centralized repository of prompts for easy reference and collaboration.

  • Public Shared Threads: Learn from the community and share knowledge through publicly accessible conversation threads.

  • Personal/Private Conversations: Engage in secure, confidential, one-on-one interactions with ChatGPT for individual exploration and experimentation.

  • Forking Conversations: Branch conversations from a specific point in time, enabling parallel discussions and in-depth exploration of ideas.

  • Folders for Organization: Efficiently manage and retrieve threads and prompts with a structured folder system.

  • Customizable Templates: Tailor premade templates for various team roles, streamlining collaboration and enhancing productivity.

  • Role-level Access Control: Secure collaboration with defined user access levels, such as member and admin roles.

  • Multiple Organizations Support: Manage and switch between multiple organizations for seamless collaboration across different contexts.

  • Quick Search: Easily locate threads, prompts, and templates with an intuitive search feature.

By upgrading you get:

  • Access for up to 10 team members in one organization per month

  • Premium support

  • Early access to new features

  • Constantly updated shared prompts library

If you need more than 10 members let us know.

To upgrade your organization you need to create an account and enter the license code in the application.